Akiyama’s Story – Visit Nagasaki (2023)

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Akiyama is one of the main characters in the Yakuza series, appearing as a supporting character in Yakuza 0 and as the main protagonist of Yakuza: Like a Dragon. He is the chairman of the Tojo Clan’s first family, the Omi Alliance, and is known as the “Dragon of Dojima” (堂島の龍, Dōjima no Ryū). In Yakuza 7, Akiyama has retired from his previous life as a yakuza and now owns and operates a small lending business called “Akiyama Loan”. However, he still keeps tabs on the Tojo Clan and is drawn back into the yakuza life when he becomes embroiled in a power struggle within the organization.

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In the Yakuza series, Akiyama Shun is the main character. Kamurocho, a well-known Japanese entrepreneur, has a net worth of around $100 billion and is also known as the “lifeline of Kamurocho.” Although he is never shown without a shirt, it is widely assumed that he is quite muscular due to his outstanding physical abilities and speed. In the film, Akiyama is shown as a sleepy slacker, with Hana’s irritation at his lack of seriousness at work. Hana cleans the desk he sleeps on because he often sleeps on the couch in his office. Despite his horrible memory, he still remembers where every single book is supposed to be on the shelves. Their relationship is reminiscent of an old married couple: Akiyama’s mother, Hana, and her husband.

When she nags him, he is frequently irritated but appreciative of her concern, occasionally responding with a smile. The epilogue to Yakuza 4 teased the possibility of their relationship developing into romance. It was his ticket to another crack at life that he spent the majority of his waking hours gathering as much money as possible, but thug attacks left him vulnerable and he was robbed while sleeping. Hiroaki Arai, who witnessed the attack, acts in a selfless act of kindness by returning Akiyama’s money to him. Later revelations reveal that the money he was framed for was derived from the money he gathered while on the pavement. He discovers that she is the daughter of Yasuko Saejima, one of the last Shibata family members. In Homeland, Munakata and Katsuragi play the decisive roles against them as they return to each other.

Akiyama returned to his non-profit business after exposing corruption at Toto Bank and the Kamurocho Police Department for 26 years, a period of time when money laundering was common. He gets a call from Hiroshi Horie, a Mirei Park employee, during an afternoon nap. Horie informs him that Park committed suicide and 300 million yen was stolen as a result. When Akiyama encounters hostile employees at Ousaka Enterprises, he meets Ogita, who is severely injured and desperately needs Akiyama’s assistance. Haruka is brought back to Dyna Chair by Katsuya, who welcomes everyone to his office. During the encounter, he claims that Goro Majima was Park’s ex-husband. As a result, the Saio Triad gains control of Japan in 2015.

The two go their separate ways, and Akiyama, being informed by a homeless man, decides to burn Little Asia. In December, Kiryu returns to Kamurocho looking for Haruka, and he returns once more looking for Haruka. At New Serena, there are also Yuta Usami and Nagumo. When he disguises as a window cleaner, he meets Kiryu and her new friend Murota. With all that Sugai and Tsuneo Iwami have done to Kiryu’s family, it appears that Kiryu intended to kill them. He is then forced to hide until the rest of the group returns. Akiyama was walking down Kamurocho in the middle of the day when Hana arrived and informed him that it was collection day.

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Akiyama was walking toward Hotel District when he noticed a gunfight breaking out in a nearby building. He was surprised to learn that the person he was looking for had fallen out of a window and was now a zombie. Hasegawa, a member of the Crimson Shield group, met Akiyama for the first time while clearing zombies from Kamurocho’s Theater Square. After clearing zombies, both men discovered a hatch that took them to an underground complex with a safe zone within. Akiyama eventually made it to the clinic, but the doctor was not there, and a female was watching over him from above. Taekwondo and Akiyama both have the same fighting style, but their origins are unknown. Throughout his career, Akiyama has always been known to rely heavily on kicks to defeat opponents. In Yakuza 6, he jumps out of a helicopter being piloted by DD as it crashes to the ground, killing him instantly.

Shinichi Yamadera, the Japanese voice of Shun Akiyama in Yakuza 4, plays the role.

Which Yakuza Is Akiyama In?

Akiyama’s Story – Visit Nagasaki (1)

Akiyama Shin (, Akiyama Shin) is a recurring main character in the Yakuza series, with Akiyama Shin being a playable character in Yakuza 4. He is also playable in Yakuza 5 as well as Yakuza: Dead Souls.

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Does Akiyama Appear In Yakuza Like A Dragon?

Akiyama’s Story – Visit Nagasaki (2)

Akiyama does not appear in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

In Yakuza: Like a Dragon – The Cutting Room Floor, there are unextured Yakuza 6 assets and models. Kamurocho’s maps appear to be based on those in the previous side game, Judgment, for 2019. Some areas, such as Debolah Hotel and Bar Tender, have a level geometry that has been warped out, but interactable assets remain in those areas. Three of the game’s characters, totaling three characters, are still present in the game’s database. Except for their internal names, all that information about these characters is contained within the files. Poison damage types were capable of dealing and resisting poison damage types, implying that poison was the seventh attack type in addition to blow, slash, shoot, fire, elec, and ice. A number of props and NPC weapons are rendered in the PS4 demo and the first Asian version of the game. It is not necessary to use these icons in this case because they are used for inventory. Almost all of these icons have a specific cutscene component.

How Did Akiyama Get His Money Back?

During the game, the company became the victim of theft, which resulted in all of its funds being stolen. Later in the game, Akiyama uses the Kamurocho Hills tower as a bait to lure out all of the main antagonists, eventually recovering the money from the tower.

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What Is Akiyama’s Fighting Style Called?

Akiyama has demonstrated exceptional Judo skills during his MMA career, in addition to his gold medal from the sport.

Choo Sung-hoon: Mma Fighter And Television Celebrity

Seoung Chae-Hoon, who was born on January 8, 1977, in Seoul, South Korea, is a well-known singer. His father, Choo Song-Hun, was a Korean government official and his mother, Yoon Mi-Jung, a Japanese fashion model, both worked in the government. He is a native of Japan and earned a degree in business administration from Tokai University in 2001. As a teenager, he began his MMA career. He is a four-time winner of the K-1 World Grand Prix (1998, 2000, 2001, 2002) and a former WEC Middleweight Champion. He competed in Pancrase as well as UFC, Bellator, and MMA Fighting. Seoungdaemun, a South Korean television personality, is also a celebrity. He has appeared in a variety of TV series and films, most notably the popular drama seriesReply 1994 and the crime thriller The Chaser. Chuo has also appeared in a number of Japanese television shows, including Super Sunday, the cooking show Iron Chef Japan, and Men in Black, a dating show. Choo is well-known for his distinct ability to switch between styles of fighting and his intense fighting style. He is known for his ability to rapidly defeat opponents, and he is well-known for his long reach.

Where Is Haruka Yakuza Like A Dragon?

Haruka lives at the Morning Glory Orphanage in Okinawa, where Kiryu has taken in eight other children between Yakuza 3 and Yakuza 4, as well as after Yakuza 6.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon Has Six Romance Options

It may seem strange, but Yakuza: Like a Dragon has six romance options to choose from. There are numerous rewards to dating these romance options, but one major advantage is that you will receive a significant financial gain.
If you want to score some points with women, Yakuza: Like a Dragon is worth a look. This game not only has some of the best graphics on the market, but it also comes with a variety of different romance options that can boost your stats even further.
What are the best ways to ask a girl for money? By approaching the girl holding the box from the outside, you can gain access to Jinnai Station’s two parts. You must make a 10,000 yen donation to her. When she suggests a new location for her to visit, choose “Near the Popular Eatery” to raise your Intellect level.

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Akiyama Yakuza

The Akiyama yakuza are a clan of the Japanese mafia that has been in operation since the early 1800s. They are based in the city of Osaka and are one of the most powerful yakuza groups in the country. The Akiyama yakuza are involved in a wide range of criminal activities, including drugs, gambling, prostitution, and extortion. They are also known for their violent methods of enforcement and their strict code of conduct.


Why is Nagasaki so famous? ›

Part of Nagasaki was home to a major Imperial Japanese Navy base during the First Sino-Japanese War and Russo-Japanese War. Near the end of World War II, the American atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki made Nagasaki the second and final city in the world to experience a nuclear attack. The city was rebuilt.

Were there POW camps in Nagasaki? ›

There were 884 Allied POWs in the Nagasaki city region in two main POW camps: Koyagi Branch Camp (Fukuoka 2-B), on Koyagi Island in Nagasaki Harbour; and Nagasaki Mitsubishi Dockyard Branch Camp (Fukuoka 14-B) based in Saiwamachi (Urakami District). The Mitsubishi camp held 315 POWs.

When did the other make a visit to Nagasaki? ›

Synopsis. The Occupation authorities declared Nagasaki (and Hiroshima) off-limits to reporters. Weller reports that he was the first outside observer to reach Nagasaki, on September 6, 1945, four weeks following the U.S. atomic bombing of the city.

Why did the US choose Nagasaki? ›

However, Nagasaki was originally chosen as the third target for atomic bombing because its population was much smaller than those of Hiroshima and Kokura, which was the second target. Also, a prisoner of war camp was there.

What does Nagasaki mean in Japanese? ›

Japanese city, named for its situation, from naga "long" + saki "headland, promontory."

Why is Nagasaki no longer radioactive? ›

Since the bombs were detonated far above the ground there was little contamination in terms of neutron activation, which causes non-radioactive materials to become radioactive.

Do people still live in Nagasaki? ›

40,000 people died immediately. Another roughly 30,000 died from aftereffects. However, as was the case with Hiroshima, the radioactivity did not linger. Just like Hiroshima, Nagasaki is perfectly safe for people to live in today.

Did American POWs died in Nagasaki? ›

Eight POWs are believed to have died that day, Aug. 9, 1945, and many more were injured. The camp was established on the site of a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' shipbuilding yard factory not far from Nagasaki train station in 1943. Some prisoners died of illness and other causes during their incarceration at the camp.

How many American POWs were killed in Nagasaki? ›

12 American

How many Americans died in Japanese POW camps? ›

Survival Rates in Japanese and German WWII Camps

Stenger's figures list 93,941 U.S. military personnel captured and interned by Germany, of whom 1,121 died (a little over a 1% death rate), and 27,465 U.S. military personnel captured and interned by Japan, of whom 11,107 died (more than a 40% death rate).

How long was Hiroshima uninhabitable? ›

The restoration process took approximately two years and the city's population, which had dwindled to about eighty thousand after the bombing, doubled in a short time. Until March 1946 the ruins were cleared, and the buildings that were damaged but still standing underwent controlled demolition.

Who ordered the nuke on Nagasaki? ›

As president, it was Harry Truman's decision if the weapon would be used with the goal to end the war. “It is an awful responsibility that has come to us,” the president wrote.

How many Koreans were killed in Hiroshima? ›

Estimates of Korean hibakusha at Hiroshima (hibakusha is the commonly used term for atomic bomb casualties) range from 48,000 to 50,000, including about 30,000 who died im- mediately or within the following year, and about 20,000 who survived.

Did the US give Japan a warning? ›

Shortly before the crew of the B-29 Superfortress Enola Gay completed their mission to bomb Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, U.S. pilots dropped leaflets over Japan warning citizens of coming destruction.

Why did Japan refuse to surrender in ww2? ›

The main reason Japan would not surrender was that it did not want to get rid of the Emperor, a seemingly non-negotiable term for the U.S.

Why did the US drop nukes on Japan? ›

The U.S. wanted to force a quick surrender by the Japanese to reduce the number of American lives lost. In addition, it was secretly decided at the Yalta Summit in February 1945 that the Soviet Union would enter the war against Japan.

How radioactive was Nagasaki? ›

The radiation in Hiroshima and Nagasaki today is on a par with the extremely low levels of background radiation (natural radioactivity) present anywhere on Earth. It has no effect on human bodies.

What was the Nagasaki bomb nickname? ›

This implosion-type plutonium bomb, nicknamed Fat Man, weighed 10,800 pounds. The bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, August 9, 1945, at 11:01 AM.

What religion is Nagasaki? ›

Nagasaki is the most Christianized area in Japan with Roman Catholic missions having been established there as early as the 16th century.

Why people can live in Hiroshima but not in Chernobyl? ›

As you know, the reactor blew up. Hiroshima is now well and prospering but Chernobyl remains uninhabited. So what's the difference between these disasters? The short answer is the amount of radiation.

What is the most radioactive place on Earth? ›

Current status. According to a report by the Worldwatch Institute on nuclear waste, Karachay is the most polluted (open-air) place on Earth from a radiological point of view.

Why did Hiroshima recover but not Chernobyl? ›

The first was that the explosion at Chernobyl happened on the ground, whereas the explosion at Hiroshima happened high in the air above the city, which greatly reduced the radioactive levels. The second difference was the strength of the explosions.

What happened to the bodies in Nagasaki? ›

people were killed almost immediately as if they had been vaporized … bodies and bones were burned thoroughly almost not to be found, and everything was destroyed, which was buried in white ash.

How long does radiation last after a nuke? ›

Radiation levels are extremely dangerous immediately after a nuclear detonation, but the levels reduce rapidly, in just hours to a few days. This is when it will be safest to leave your shelter and participate in an orderly evacuation.

What was the life expectancy in Nagasaki? ›

Women lived an average 7 years 141 days longer than men (median life expectancy in the 10 km zero-dose individuals was 84 years, 14 days among women and 76 years 237 days among men). Median life expectancy was virtually identical in the two cities (81 years 56 days in Hiroshima, 81 years 15 days in Nagasaki).

How did Japan treat American prisoners? ›

The treatment of American and allied prisoners by the Japanese is one of the abiding horrors of World War II. Prisoners were routinely beaten, starved and abused and forced to work in mines and war-related factories in clear violation of the Geneva Conventions.

Why did Japan execute 100 American POWs? ›

On October 7, 1943, Rear Adm. Shigematsu Sakaibara, commander of the Japanese garrison on the island, orders the execution of 96 Americans POWs, claiming they were trying to make radio contact with U.S. forces.

Did the Japanese burn POWs in ww2? ›

Part 1: 'Dispose of the Them': Massacre of American POWs in the Philippines. As the Allied liberation of the Philippines was underway, Japanese commanders acted on orders to annihilate American POWs rather than allow them to assist enemy efforts, and in December 1944 cruelly executed 139 American POWs on Palawan.

How many POW died in the atomic bomb? ›

After noting that 20 American POWs died as a result of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, according to Japanese military commanders, and that between one and three American prisoners may have been killed by the Japanese after the bombing, Richard B.

Why did the US nuke Hiroshima? ›

One reason was Japan's unwillingness to surrender unconditionally. Japan wanted to keep their emperor and conduct their own war trials and did not want to be occupied by U.S. forces. However, the United States wanted unconditional surrender, which thus meant the continuation of the war.

Did the US take Japanese POWs in ww2? ›

Nevertheless, Japanese POWs in Allied camps continued to be treated in accordance with the Geneva Conventions until the end of the war. Most Japanese captured by US forces after September 1942 were turned over to Australia or New Zealand for internment.

How did the Japanese treat female POWs? ›

Many of the women and children were held in prison camps in terrible conditions and forced on death marches. Some women were killed on sight and others were raped, beaten, and forced to become sex slaves. Much of the book showcases the words of the people who lived through this period.

Did the Japanese crucify prisoners? ›

Crucifixion was a form of punishment, torture and/or execution that the Japanese military sometimes used against prisoners during the war. Edwards and the others were initially bound at the wrists with fencing wire, suspended from a tree and beaten with a baseball bat.

Why did Japan treat POWs so badly? ›

Japan's early successes in the Far East during the Second World War resulted in over 190,000 British and Commonwealth troops being taken prisoner. Japanese military philosophy held that anyone surrendering was beneath contempt. As a result, their treatment of captives was harsh.

Can you live in Hiroshima again? ›

The answer is yes, and the people living there have a message for the curious: you don't want to suffer what we suffered. Save yourselves before it's too late. Abolish nuclear weapons. The citizens of Hiroshima gather every summer to commemorate the atomic bombing of their hometown on August 6, 1945.

How long did it take to rebuild Japan after Hiroshima? ›

The construction took a long time because of the tight budged and the buildings were left unfinished for some time. Four years after the start of construction work, the buildings were completed. The reconstruction process in Japan typically started with a public authority that established the infrastructure.

Did the US help rebuild Hiroshima and Nagasaki? ›

After the second atomic bomb was dropped, Japan surrendered and left a large mess to clean up throughout the Pacific theater. To help aid in the process, the United States set up a form of government in Hiroshima to help rebuild the city and give jobs to the people who were struggling to find work.

What's the difference between atomic bomb and nuclear bomb? ›

During World War Two, “atomic bomb” usually meant a bomb that relies on fission, or the splitting of heavy nuclei into smaller units, releasing energy. The action happens in the nucleus of the atom, so it is probably more accurate to call these “nuclear bombs.”

Why did Churchill favor the use of the atomic bomb? ›

Why did Churchill favor the use of the atomic bomb? Churchill favored the use of the atomic bomb because it would help benefit in stopping the war.

Did the atomic bomb hit the ground? ›

The bomb never hit the ground, but exploded about 2,000 feet above the city – a height intended to cause maximum damage.

Which was worse Hiroshima or Nagasaki? ›

The plutonium-type bomb detonated over Nagasaki actually had a greater explosive power than that used on Hiroshima. The reason for the greater number of casualties in the latter city is to be sought in large part in differences in the physical features of the two cities.

Are there any survivors of Hiroshima left? ›

Shigeru Nakamura – hibakusha of Hiroshima at 34 years old, supercentenarian, oldest living Japanese man (September 9 - November 15, 2022).

Did Japan retaliate after Hiroshima? ›

Despite the horror of Hiroshima, there were many in the Japanese government that disbelieved the United States had the technical ability to develop, yet alone transport and drop, an atomic bomb. The events of August 9 changed all that.

Is Japan still protected by US? ›

Article 5 commits the United States to defend Japan if it is attacked by a third party. Article 6 explicitly grants the United States the right to base troops on Japanese soil, subject to a detailed "Administrative Agreement" negotiated separately.

Is Japan protected by the US military? ›

For over 60 years the United States-Japan Alliance has served as the cornerstone of peace, stability, and freedom in the Indo-Pacific region. The U.S. commitment to Japan's defense under the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty of 1960 is unwavering.

What would happen if the US didn't bomb Japan? ›

Even with the US deploying the atom bombs, many Japanese soldiers refused to acknowledge the end of the war. Without that destructive event, it's possible that a larger portion of Japan's military would have continued fighting, implementing guerrilla warfare tactics to slowly pick away at their enemies.

Why was Nagasaki important to the Japanese? ›

Nagasaki was Japan's second oldest port open to foreign trade (after Hirado). It was the only Japanese port permitted by the Tokugawa shogunate (military government) between 1639 and 1859 when all other ports were closed.

Why did the US choose Hiroshima and Nagasaki? ›

Hiroshima was supposed to be targeted because, the city's size and layout made it a suitable test site for the bomb's destructive power, and the concentration of military and munitions facilities was another factor in the decision, while most of Japan's other major cities had already been destroyed by air attack at the ...

Why is Nagasaki overlooked? ›

The reason Nagasaki gets “overlooked” is pretty obvious: being the second atomic bombing attack is a lot less momentous than the first, even if the total number of such attacks has so far been two. We all know, or think we know, why Hiroshima was bombed.

How powerful is Nagasaki? ›

The explosive effect of each was equal to that of up to a few tens of thousand tonnes of the conventional explosive TNT. On this basis of comparison, the Hiroshima bomb was of about 15 kilotons – that is, of 15 thousand tonnes of TNT equivalent – and that at Nagasaki was of 25 kilotons (ca. 65 and 105 GJ respectively).


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